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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.


Collision Repair:Equipped to conduct any kind of repairs with the car, we begin from the simple dent removal to getting your car back into shape from a major impact. Using advanced technology and quality equipment’s, we comply with the latest standards of the auto manufacturers. Also at Amex we use the Wedge Clamp System. The Wedge Clamp system’s ability to perform all major autobody functions of anchoring, measuring and pulling while taking up very little space on the shop floor has made it a major hit worldwide.


With a trained team, we take care of any paint job seamlessly. We do chip repair, touch ups and complete paint repair. Our quality tools ensure even coloration that is perfectly blended.

In our autobody shop we use the industry standard paints such as PPG paints which are waterborne paints. Waterborne paints reduce VOC emissions and worker exposure to hazardous air pollutants. These paints can also reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated, depending on the type of paint used. We also use computer matching techniques to match the colour to your car, so after your car leaves our body shop no one can tell that it has ever been in a collision.


Computers scan all the body damages, so we can provide quality repair that satisfies the expectation of the customer.


Accredited as a ICBC Express shop, we can process all ICBC and insurance claims directly. Providing you with an alternate transportation through our valet services, we strive to provide quality and convenient service.


We associate ourselves with major insurance companies to make the entire process seamless for you.


When it comes to AC repair we can change the Freon in the conditioning system to stopping a leak, at Amex Autobody we are equipped to handle all issues. Our environment friendly approach ensures that the used Freon is ecologically disposed


Sometimes impact causes damage to glass and the windows. Our replacement shop would install glass impeccably.

Vehicle body repair is our expertise. With constant training, we continue to upgrade ourselves to provide efficient service. To find out more about us, contact us.

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